We are a team of software development experts and one of the largest independent end-to-end IT companies with more than 14 years of cross-industry expertise, proud to be partners to upper-scale public sector agencies and leading players in the business sector.

We leverage years of international experience with our unique expertise, confirmed by the success of wide-ranging projects in IT consulting and integration, system and product engineering, and business process transformation.

What We Do

VR Game Development

Let us guide you through the entire game development journey, from design to post-release support. We deliver real bestsellers with the right performance-to-graphics ratios.

Game Art & Animation

Attract players & keep them returning with immersive digital art. Our CG teams custom-create everything from UI assets & 2D graphics to 3D photorealistic characters & environments.

Game porting

Port your games with ease across over 22 platforms: from mobile, PC, console, & web to virtual reality . There are plenty of choices to go around.

Multiplayer Game Development

Connect multiple users & let them interact, compete, and collaborate on a large scale. Our solutions rely on scalable networking architecture & server topology that enable massive multiplayer gaming.

Make Your Business Thrive on Change

We’re here to help you transform your business and provide it with unparalleled innovations. Contact us now to discuss how we can improve your business practices with immersive technologies.

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